We all only have just 1 life to live. And if we don't live life with its meaning and purpose then we will not make it in the kingdom of God

We can’t make it to heaven just by doing good. We only get there by accepting Jesus Christ himself. Without Jesus your works are in vain
— Shemika (God's Daughter)

Jesus Mission & Vision

To preach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world and nation like wild fire. To build, help and support the church of God. To expand the Gospel. The Gospel is to be shared over the Globe

  • To expand  and to preach the Word of God like wild fire throughout the world. The Word of God must go viral, powerful, and effective
  • To build the church (God's people) to come together for the unity of Christ, to share spiritual gifts and divine revelation

  • To glorify God for who He is and not to glorify ourselves nor men.

  • To be authentically and transparently before the world as children of God (let your light so shine onto men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven.)


The On Fire for Jesus Outreach Ministry consist the three main component of this ministry Love, Authentic, and Boldness. We believe that there is honor given to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Without all three there is no need for the Church to spread the Word of God.

Without Love there is no Church

Without Being Authentic there is no Church

Without Being Bold there is no Church

Christ should be the head of the Church. Without Christ there is no Church

Shemika Phillips (God's Kingdom Daughter)

Shemika is a Prophetess Evangelist Speaker, Author, and Gospel Singer. She is the Servant and Founder of On Fire for Jesus Outreach Ministry. Her heart and passion is to save souls nationwide, and to reach many into salvation. She loves to travel and love broadcasting to the world. In addition to creativity, she loves to create & design. To contact her.


Jesus (Yeshua) is my number one focus right now. In the midst of the battlefiled which is the world. Jesus is the only best fried that we will truly have