Stop letting Satan destroy the Church of God which is you. Because life is too valuable to have a broken Church.
— Shemika God's Daughter

Let God use Your vessel

In the midst of the battle. God called us to use our spiritual gifts and anointing gifting for the glory of Him. When you allowing God to use your vessel, you are giving Him honor and permission. If we don't allow God to us, then how can we spiritually grow? How can we dwell into His presence if we not giving God a chance. We was not call to this worldly system, but we was called by God alone. Through the blood of Jesus we are saved by grace. No longer can witchcraft nor demonic forces has power to hold men down, but there is always a way by the hands of God 

The On fire for Jesus Outreach ministry primary goal is to spread the word of God viral




Broadcasting Nationwide

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus (Yeshua) needs to go viral out to the nations and throughout the media. The Broadcasting of the Gospel purpose is to help strengthing the and support the body of Chirst. 


Equip & Build Church

Our goal is strengthening and to empower the church of God, we believe that the church can be elevated and equip.


Spiritual Growth

The only growth that we will ever meet is the spiritual growth of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The bible clearly states that men can not live by bread alone but by every word that proceed out of the mouth of God According to Mathew 4:4.