The On Fire for Jesus Global Movement.


Monument Becoming Like Christ Movement

The On Fire For Jesus Movement is a Outreach Foundation that assist and support the church of God (God's people) to become strong and mighty. "We as Christian got to be strong, we have to seek diligently before the Lord" The On Fire for Jesus will soon have a Broadcasting Media Production setting that will begin to take place. The mission of this ministry it's is to outreach many souls to salvation as possible. 



On Fire For Jesus Broadcasting Mission & Vission

National television and radio station is the mission and goal for this ministry. The On Fire for Jesus Outreach focus on the preproduction, postproduction, cinematophy, videography, and photography. We know that in today generation millions of individuals are lost due to the entertainment industry. Our goal is to reach millions of individuals towards the body of Christ, and to empower souls to use their spiritual gifting.


On Fire Publishing 

The On Fire Publishing is a publication enterprise that consists of print publication such as nonfiction & fiction books, eBooks, magazines, pamphlets, brochures, bible tracts  and other form of print publication. We believe that the word of God not only to go viral in the media, but we believe that the word of God is o be spread throughout the print publication as well. The goal of this ministry is to reach, empower, and motivate others to Christ and to help each individuals to develop their divine gifting that they are born with.