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Be Encourage & Be Inspired

We can have a business and write a book all we want but If our hearts and minds ain’t right with God then our business and book is in vain

What The On Fire Academy Program Courses Consist of

  • 60 minutes Group Coaching Call & or Individual Call
  • Q&A and replays
  • Videos & MP3 Lectures & Tutorial
  • Workshops, Quizzes, Surveys, and Engaging Fun Activities
  • Bonus Materials Such as Templates, Worksheets, Cheat-sheets, Guides, E books, and much more +

You Will

  • Identify Your Passion, Purpose, Talents, and Ability and how to pursue them into Action
  • Understand Your True Identity, Vision and Destiny
  • Develop Personal Development Planning
  • Create an Outline & Visionary Map of Your Goals
  • Empowerment
  • How to Eliminate and Addressed common obstacles to a breakthrough lifestyle—procrastination, bad habbits
  • How to Eliminate Procrastination
  • Learn How to Effectively Advertise and Market

Write Your Book

  • How To Outline and Develop Content for Your Book
  • Strategies & Guides to prevent writer’s block, and procrastination for you to write your book
  • Write a Best Selling book less then 30 days
  • How to develop marketable and appealing Titles and Subtitles for Your book
  • Strategies of how to Establish a Writing Schedule & Stick to It
  • Understand The Secret To Effective Writing


Feature 1

Wither you feel stuck, struggling, unsure, clueless, and confuse there is always a solution to every problem. You are called for a reason so it's ok to be unstuck, you are going to be shift to be unstuck!!

***PLEASE NOTE : Courses will be updated and will teach on multiply topics in different variety. You will get high value content and information that I will share with you, and if you need help or assistance you can always get 1-1 Private coaching session